Portable and Hand-Held Vascular Dopplers

A Variety of Solutions

Unmatched accuracy and reliability. Nicolet Doppler’s are perfect for monitoring hard-to-find pulses and low systolic blood pressures, locating vessels for catheterization and performing an ankle/brachial index (ABI) test to screen for peripheral vascular disease. Most of our Doppler’s offer interchangeable 5 and 8 MHz vascular probes; 5 MHz for deeper vessels as well as some superficial, 8 MHz strictly for superficial  applications

Elite® – The versatile solution

Broad-beam technology and a large probe face provide a unique method of quickly locating vascular signals – no need to angle the probe!

Exclusive SSD™ technology ensures the best possible sound. Optional recharger and digital display.

An 8 MHz pointed-style probe is available. Obstetric and waterproof probes are available.

Nicolet Elite

VersaLab® LE & SE – Compact and economical

A portable, battery or line operated Doppler system to perform basic vascular and ABI (Ankle/Brachial Index) testing anywhere. Bi-directional Doppler with a display and printout makes documentation for reimbursement fast and convenient. All the features you need at an affordable price.


Pocket-Dop II™ – Flexible and reliable1

The favorite Doppler worldwide.
Full-featured system with built-in speaker.
Complete with all accessories; headset, rechargeable batteries, recharger, carrying case and audio training CD.
Obstetric and waterproof probes are also available.


IMEXDOP CT+™ – The hospital Doppler of choice

A sturdy, portable system with easy-to-use controls.
Includes digital readout with auto-correlation.
Recharging stand mounts on a counter, wall, IV pole or roll-stand.
It’sperfect for semi-permanent mounting in any exam room.
Obstetric and waterproof probes are also available.


 Free Dop™ – Revolutionary cordless Doppler

Total freedom of movement! One-hand operation – controls are on the probe.
Standard digital readout with aut correlation included.
Recharging stand moun on a counter, wall, IV pole or roll-stand.
Probe can be sheathed for use in surgery.
The base unit conveniently placed outside the sterile surgical field.
Obstetric probes also available.